You’re About To Discover…

The Ultimate Remote
Patient Care Monitoring

Helping You Save Lives While Generating Residual
Revenue for Your Practices

The Ultimate Remote Patient Care Monitoring System™

Helping You Save Lives While Generating Residual Revenue for Your Practices

“The doctor of the future will give Futuristic Homeopathic Scientific medicine,
but will instruct his patients in care of the human frame, in deit and in the cause and
prevention od disease.”
Thomas Edison
Would you agree the Future Is Here…
Who are We and Why Should You Listen To Us.

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So we created
“The Perfect Care Practice System”
—exclusively for Doctors
Our Commitment To You..
  • By the end of this presentation you are going to know more about Remote Patient Monitoring than 95% of other Physicians.
The Main Key Concerns of Every Good Physician are…
  • Healthier Patients by offering the best healthcare possible for their Patients.
  • Increased Revenue by having a well- run Professional and Profitable Practice.
  • Better MIPS Score
Physician Challenges
  • Time
  • Cost of setup
  • Lack of RPM expertise

  • Staffing and training
  • Quality of care for patients
  • Legal compliance

  • Billing properly
  • Retention of patients
  • Most platforms not patient-friendly
Then COVID-19 changed everything and accelerated the need for high-quality RPM services.
  • The opportunity to expand RPM came to fruition on 3/17/2020, allowing all beneficiaries to receive RPM in any location—including their homes.
Putting COVID-19 into Perspective…
  • Prior To COVID-19 Doctors’ waiting rooms were full.
  • The average Physician’s business was reactive…
  • …with little-to-no marketing.
Doctors’ Waiting Rooms Now— after COVID-19…

Are Empty!

Physicians and Practices are facing some of the toughest financial times they have ever seen.

Primary care practices are expected to lose $15 Billion in 2020, due to COVID-19—on top of an already-stressful situation for our healthcare providers.

COVID-19 has Devastated Medical Practices
  • In one study, 97% of the 724 medical practices surveyed, found that COVID-19 had a negative financial effect on their practice.
  • We estimate that 60 to 80% have been devastated by COVID-19 and unless something happens, a large number may be forced to close their doors.
The Big Problems that both Doctors and Patients are facing….
  • Physicians are no longer seeing these patients in person.
  • Both Physicians and their Patients are looking for other, safer options than personal visits, to reduce their risk of catching COVID-19.
You Will Have Peace Of Mind Knowing You Are Part of Our Large VitalCare Community with Other Key Strategic Partners.
  • Improve your Patients’ care and save lives would this be worth it?
  • Increase profitability of your practice would it be worth it?

  • Give you peace of mind and more freedom would it be worth it?