Frequently Asked Questions

What is TopDocRX Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)?

TopDocRX RPM involves the collection and analysis of patient physiologic data that are used to develop and manage a treatment plan related to a chronic and/or acute health illness or condition.

How does TopDocRX RPM work?

Patients are first onboarded on the TopDocRX RPM program by being provided with FDA approved medical devices that they can use at home to self-measure parameters such as weight, blood pressure, oximetry and blood glucose to name a few. The type of measure and their frequency is prescribed by the clinician through the care plan. A TopDocRX care manager under the general supervision of the physician reviews the patient measurements during the month, exchanging with the patient on their compliance, medication adjustments or other related care topics. Each patient is therefore monitored for chronic or acute conditions outside of the traditional clinical settings.

Why launch a Remote Patient Monitoring program with TopDocRX ?

TopDocRX RPM is a triple win service that rewards all stakeholders: patients, providers and payers.  With RPM, physicians not only keep their patient under control while at home, but also digitize the physician/patient relationship and generate healthy new recurring revenues their practice. According to the AMA, use of RPM in the practice of medicine has nearly doubled in three years, from 13% in 2016 to 22% in 2019. What’s more, 33% of physicians who weren’t using RPM in 2020 are planning to integrate RPM into their practice over the next twelve months.

How can TopDocRX RPM help a brick-and-mortar medical practice?

TopDocRX RPM can help physicians in many ways:

  • Provide continuity of care outside the clinical settings
  • Engage patients into becoming active participants of their care plan
  • Manage population health and embrace value-based care
  • While pleasing patients, create entirely new recurring revenue streams
  • Service patients where they are keeping safe during the pandemic
Which providers are eligible to participate in TopDocRX RPM?

Medical providers with a valid NPI (National Provider Identifier) who bill Medicare may participate. Medicare uses the term ‘qualified clinician,’ which can refer to a licensed doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner, and physician’s assistant.

Who can order and bill for TopDocRX RPM services?

RPM codes are considered Evaluation and Management (E/M) services. CMS stated they can be ordered and billed only by physicians or nonphysician practitioners who are eligible to bill Medicare for E/M services

Must the Medicare patient have a chronic condition to qualify for TopDocRX RPM?

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) clarified in the 2021 Proposed Rule that practitioners may furnish RPM services to remotely collect and analyze physiologic data from patients with acute conditions, as well as from patients with chronic conditions,

Which patients are eligible to participate in TopDocRX RPM?

Eligible patients are those with Medicare or Medicare Advantage plans who have at least one chronic condition and have consented to participate in a remote patient monitoring program.

What does TopDocRX RPM cost my patients?

Nothing – it is FREE for eligible Medicare patients. Patients who do not have Medicare part B coverage with Medigap Parts A, B, C, D, F, G, M, N or a supplementary insurance may have co-pays.


How do I bill for reimbursement for TopDocRX RPM Services?

TopDocRX will send a monthly notification to your biller with detailed instructions on what to bill.  Once the data is reviewed, your biller will be notified prompted to submit a claim for your services to CMS.

What type of RPM medical devices qualify for Medicare purposes?

RPM devices must be FDA approved medical devices, and the patient measurements must be electronically collected by an RPM system to be monitored by the care manager. This means that the medical device should automatically and digitally upload patient physiologic data. The use of the device must also be reasonable and necessary for either the diagnosis or treatment of the patient’s condition, and the data the device captures must allow for an understanding of the patient’s health with a view to developing and/or managing an established care plan. 

As of October 2020, measurements reported via questionnaires or directly from an App manual input like Pain and Mood, for example, are not recognized as part of the RPM reimbursement.

How can I make sure patients use their TopDocRX RPM medical devices?

TopDocRX RPM systems are knowledgeable about billing rules and patient compliance, so they keep track of patients whether they are or aren’t compliant with either their prescribed care plan which is tied to the billing rules. Patient compliance is key to ensure the triple win outcome of an RPM program.

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Our experience with VitalCare has been nothing short of positive. VitalCare is responsive to the needs of their clients and are always willing to change or pivot with their wants as well.”

—David Teachey | VP, RN BSN, South Carolina House Calls

Of all the companies we worked with, VitalCare was always on top—their solution was nimble, agile, and quite honestly, extremely impressive.”

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We looked for the right Virtual Care vendor for years and fortunately, we found VitalCare. They have the most comprehensive and flexible platform on the market.”

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After I found out that I contracted the COVID-19 virus, VitalCare‘s technology platform allowed me to stay home— instead of in the ICU.”

—Michael Maron | CEO, Holy Name Medical Center

After I found out that I contracted the COVID-19 virus, VitalCare‘s technology platform allowed me to stay home— instead of in the ICU.”

—Michael Maron | CEO, Holy Name Medical Center

Thank you VitalCare, for your ongoing support! We are enjoying our implementation.”

—Katie Riley | VP, Post Acute Chief Nursing Officer, Post Acute Division Advocate, Aurora Health

We were close to the 16% National Readmission rate at one point but thanks to VitalCare, we are now at 1%.”

—David Teachey | VP, RN BSN, South Carolina House Calls

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It has been a pleasure to work with the VitalCare team. We started out with just 20 monitors in October 2019 and have grown to well over 700, while seeing a less than 1% Readmission rate as of October 2020 for [our] patients! Incredible work and program!”

—VitalCare RPM Client Testimonial

Pretty impressive work!…using VitalCare’s RPM platform to promote better patient quality of life and reduce readmission rates…our program is currently sitting at a less than 1% Readmission Rate for patients using RPM—compared to the National Average of 16%!”

—VitalCare RPM Client Testimonial

Thank you again for being so responsive and such a good partner as we navigate the COVID pandemic. I am grateful to be working with you and look forward to our future collaborations and projects.”

—Carol Vargas | VP Integrated Care,  Atlantic Health System


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