Profile Spotlight: Dr. Lo Fu Tan

In this new series, Top Doctor Magazine decided to speak to healthcare specialists and experienced doctors during a pandemic crisis. The idea is to raise the healthcare professionals’ voices and concerns during the onslaught of COVID-19.


Dr. Lo Fu Tan is a board-certified medicine specialist in Las Vegas. Dr. Tan possesses more than 35+ years of experience and understands the changing dynamics of the healthcare profession. The decades of experience and wisdom continues to guide Dr. Tan. Amid the pandemic crisis, Dr. Tan has decided to focus more on telemedicine and digital healthcare.

Dr. Tan’s Current Focus of Interest

It is a brave new world, and progressive healthcare professionals like Dr. Tan want to utilize the latest tech advancements for urgent care and family practice. Dr. Tan insists that telemedicine can serve the broader population’s interest just as traditional medicine has done. He also highlights that telemedicine can ensure consistent urgent care.

One of the recent hallmark efforts of Dr. Tan is to make digital healthcare more accessible to patients in remote locations. “It may sound like a flip-flop and weird, but the paradigm shift of urgent care from rural remote to urban areas was inevitable,” said Dr. Lo Fu Tan in an interview.

We want to ensure people receive comprehensive and continuous medical even if they’re living in the middle of nowhere,” continued Dr. Lo Fu Tan. From northern Ontario to Las Vegas practice, Dr. Lo Fu Tan understands the complexities of the broad spectrum of healthcare access for more than 2 million people.

Prioritization of Streamlined Approach

Interestingly, Dr. Tan views the need to utilize telemedicine just as significant as using a smartphone. “The emergence to streamline the use of telemedicine, however, requires more urgency,” adds Dr. Lo Fu Tan. It is vital to understand that Dr. Tan had managed to create virtual urgent care before the COVID-19 crisis. It was part of Dr. Tan’s core services to the community.

More Need to Adopt Telemedicine

The good doctor also touches on the challenge of embracing and adopt video telemedicine. In the experience of Dr. Tan, it was a significant change to move from brick-and-mortar practice to video-based or telephonic care. Dr. Tan concurs that it requires a high degree of flexibility and availability. “The world is changing, and there is a more need to build transparent inter-personal relationships with patients,” noted Dr. Lo Fu Tan.

Integration Digital Healthcare Solutions

Whether it’s the schedule, process, timeframe, and even communication protocols require a streamlined approach for patients’ sake. Moreover, Dr. Tan also points out the omnipresence of digital tools and integrated solutions.

“In the modern healthcare industry, one integrated solution complements and propels the other. Patient-centric models no longer equate to in-person interactions. Instead, it revolves around digital telemedicine to understand the actual needs of the patient,” added Dr. Lo Fu Tan.


New tech advancements serve as a vehicle to give medical professionals more time to understand the patient’s needs. Dr. Tan believes that electronic medical records will continue to take center stage and integrate with new healthcare solutions.