TopDocRX INC Partners with AXA for New Telehealth App, Revolutionizes Healthcare

TopDocRx INC has partnered with health provider AXA to provide a new way for patients to receive immediate care through their phones. The TopDocRX app allows patients to talk with a medical professional 24/7 without ever leaving home.

With the app, patients can seek remote expert opinions on important care decisions or emergencies from word-class doctors as well as get support and guidance on all their medical and health needs 24/7. The app also features a Dental and Vision Network which allows patients to seek out help from dentists and ophthalmologists nationwide.

With the Pharmacy Network, filling prescriptions will be easier than before, and patients can achieve savings through discounts. In addition, patients can utilize discounts from over a thousand physician offices nationwide through the Provider Network.

Another benefit of TopDocRx is that patients can receive bill assessments from medical professionals.
The TopDocRX app currently offers two plans: the Individual plan and the Family plan. The Individual Plan is priced at $29 per month, while the Family Plan is $49 per month. Both plans offer unlimited access to virtual care, a nurse line, Wellness & Health Assessment, second medical opinions, Medical Bill Assessments, a Provider & Pharmacy Network Card, and Dental & Vision Network Access.

To subscribe, patients just need to choose the plan that fits their needs, complete their personal and payment information, and click on “Register”. They can then download the TopDocRX app on their phones and get full access to all the app features.

Being able to receive health care and urgent medical attention right on your phone not only allows individuals and families to avoid long wait times and trips back and forth from appointments which saves time and money, but also saves everyone from stress and tension. This is sure to make life easier for everyone who wants quick access to health care whenever needed. It is also a perfect option for those who are unable to travel far distances or find it difficult getting around in general due to age, disability, etc.

If you or your family are looking for more information on how this service can benefit you, visit their website at or download the TopDocRX app on the App Store or Google Play.