Top Doctor Magazine Connects Doctors Worldwide Through Relevant News, Fact-Based Information, and Inspiring Personal Stories

“Top Doctor Magazine has been phenomenal and the process has been easy. It has been a treat to work with you and your team. Top Doctor Magazine is a great way to highlight my services and what I am doing. I’m glad to be a part of your platform to affect more change.”
– Charlie Perimarini, PA

In a world of continual change, Top Doctor Magazine focuses on innovative solutions, connecting innovative professionals and staying on top of cutting edge medical advances. Top Doctor Magazine strives to serve doctors worldwide.

By ensuring clinics have state of the art equipment and cutting edge procedures, growing patient numbers for medical practices and enhancing care for patients, the magazine seeks to be a resource that every doctor can use as an outlet for knowledge and information and every patient can count on to stay informed. Top Doctor Magazine provides articles from top physicians as well as industry leaders from around the globe who are committed to advancing healthcare through innovation.

In addition to an international editorial staff of more than 50 contributors who bring expertise from virtually every specialty and subspecialty in medicine, the magazine offers extensive coverage of clinical news and developments, medical education resources, career advice, market insights, and exclusive stories about medical heroes that aim to inspire readers.
Top Doctor Magazine covers topics including Medicine, Technology, Oral Health, Cosmetic Procedures, Chiropractic, Wellness & Lifestyle, Research, Business, Finance, Breakthroughs, Medical Journals, Mental Health, Pediatrics, Regenerative Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Telehealth, Biohacking, Skincare, Surgeon, Frontline Heroes, and more.

They also feature Top Doctors each month wherein they highlight and celebrate one doctor’s achievements and commitment to their craft as well as get personal insights and inspiration from their incredible stories. In line with this, readers can nominate a doctor for the Top Doctor Awards.

Top Doctor Magazine strives to be a resource that every doctor can use as a fact-based medium for medical news, research, and advice and where every patient can find unbiased articles to enhance proactive health. Subscribers will stay updated on how changes happening across healthcare today affect the medical profession, as well as get inspiration to help them grow their careers and thrive.

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