About Us

TopDocRX Management Team

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew has more than 30 years experience working with technology—from software and hardware to cryptocurrency and cybersecurity. He has an extensive background leading development teams on wellness project startups, including executive medicine, physical therapy, fitness, and health supplements. Andrew worked with Legacy Management Group to open PT@acac, a chain of physical therapy locations on the east coast of the United States, He also launched an online health supplement brand, ION, and led development of a software platform and cryptocurrency for collaboration and education in sustainable, regenerative farming with Seraphic Group.


Geriatric psychiatrist, pharmacologist, and brain health advocate. University of Nevada Las Vegas Adjunct Professor, department of Brain Health. CEO of CNS Innovations LLC, a company dedicated to providing innovative consultation services to advance prevention, diagnose and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. MD degree from West China University of Medical Sciences in Sichuan, China. Master’s degree in pharmacology. Completed residency care in Psychiatry at University of Toronto.  She is a fellow of Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada.

Medicine Specialist

Dr. Salerno is a board-certified family physician in New York City and an international pioneer in the field of complementary medicine. Among many other accomplishments, he is well-known for his Vitamin IV Suites (direct, fast delivery of vitamins, hydration, energy, and detox agents into the bloodstream), Supplement Therapy (using vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fibers, herbs, antioxidants, fatty acids, and enzymes, to maintain, and restore various deficiencies); weight-loss treatments; and chelation therapy (a therapy that removes heavy metals from the body). He has a[[eared on CBS News, Fox Business and Fox News and Telemundo and is a contributor to the Huffington Post.

Native American
Affairs Coordinator

Throughout more than 13 years, Dr. Setyan has been involved in both acute and post-acute healthcare service development in California, Arizona, and New Mexico, collaborating with both government and community leaders. He recently brought, for the first time in history, hospice and related services to the Navajo Nation, working with Navajo Department of Health, Health, Education and Human Services Committee (HEHSC) and Navajo Office of the President and Vice President (OPVP. As a healthcare consultant and advisors, he has been involved in: business development and management, community outreach and network development, insurance and vendor negotiations, healthcare agency survey preparations and non-profit organization development.

Development Director

MBA in Management and Economics, EMI & ESLSCA of Paris, France. Founder of Paris Realty. 20 years entrepreneurial experience. Fluent in English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean. Seminar speaker on international real estate in more than 25 countries.
法国巴黎的EMI和ESLSCA管理与经济学MBA。 巴黎房地产的创始人。 20年创业经验。 精通英语,法语,普通话,广东话和韩语。 超过25个国家/地区的国际房地产研讨会演讲者。


Degree from Missouri State University and a Master of Science Degree in Medical Dietetics from St. Louis University. Licensed REALTOR®, Real Estate Investor, Author, Owner, First Freedom Properties LLC, First Freedom Acquitisions, LLC, Member Board of Directors – Lafayette Industries (a Sheltered Workshop). Author of Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Rental Properties.

Editor in Chief,
Top Doctor Magazine

Degree from Patrick Henry College, classical education, degree in Political Science. Served as Robb White’s chief marketing officer to convert his Robb Report business principles from magazine to digital catalogs and online market reach and expansion. Worked with Tony Robbins’ own coach and helped launch business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer initiatives with Top Doctor Magazine.



Nursing Degree, State College of Florida, Associate Degrees, Lake Sumter State College. Employee of the Year at Leesburg Regional Medical Center. Charge Nurse of Ambulatory Surgery Unit, Leesburg Regional Medical Center, providing the best possible, compassionate, cost-effective, evidence-based care to clients in an outpatient setting through diagnosing, treatment and targeted prevention of a broad spectrum of surgical illnesses.

Director of Onboarding

Degree in Business Administration, Minor in Finance, Eastern Kentucky University. More than eleven years working with doctors, marketing consulting to increase medical practice profitability. Marine Corps officer and fighter pilot. Business owner and entrepreneur for nearly a dozen years. Coached and trained more than 10,000 entrepreneurs how to start and build a business and maximize its profitability.

IT Director

Degree in Design Engineering Technology, Brigham Young University. More than 25 years experience in website design and management, online marketing funnel design and management, mobile app design, print and online advertising design and management, presentation design for C-level executives and top-tier seminar speakers. Seminar event technical and audio-visual management.

Director of Compliance

Nearly twenty years of project management and comprehensive business processes experience, developing exceptional relationships with clients and key personnel to provide sustainable business solutions in areas of risk management and liability identification and limitation, quality control, and policy and procedures development. JD, McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific. Graduate work, Applied Social Anthropology, University of Kentucky. Bachelor of Science: Social Anthropology, BYU.